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Wood and Finish options

It is possible to order items in different types of wood (Mahogany, Oak, Bur,l Ash, Walnut or Mindy) and finishes.
The different possibilities are visible when logged in.

How do you maintain your wooden furniture:

Wood is a natural product and can, if you want to keep the natural color, always deviate slightly in terms of color, when you finish natural. When you buy your furniture lacquered by color it is of course not the case because you can then determine exactly the color you want.

We mainly supply lacquered furniture, this because the wood grain is clearly visible. Unfortunately, lacquered furniture is more sensitive to scratches.

* Use a soft, clean cloth, possibly slightly damp to wipe your furniture. Never use an aggressive cleaning agent as this can damage the wood

* Watch out with sunlight as it can discolor wood

* Use a coaster and when your furniture has become damp, absorb it immediately, otherwise the risk of stains arises

* Do not place hot pans on a wooden surface or write directly on the table as this may cause stains or bleeding